IAMERS is a family owned Company. Helping to change the world,
by changing how we treat the planet and people.

Marc Ricou

18 years of experience in the Coca-Cola System in Finance, Supply Chain, Strategy, Sustainability and Procurement.

International experience and managing muti-country teams.

He is IAMERS Front-office.

Sandra Payà

Beautician, knowledge in therapies of reducing stress. Sustainable products to treat our body. Life work-balance policies.
She is IAMERS Back-office.

Vision & Mision

Guide companies and people in the way to a sustainable economy with happy people and employees. Jointly with our clients we want to be an active change actor towards a better world.


Integrity. Being transparent in all what we do.
Accountability. Being conscious of the impact of our actions and our projects, and being accountable for the results.
Passion. Comitted with our hard and mind in all our projects, with our clients and with our employees.
Innovation. Using new tools and ways of working that are always at the highest standards.
Continuous improvement. Have in place internal procedures that assures improvement in each of our projects, and using learnings from them.

At the same time, if you have specific queries, or related projects that you want to develop, we will be happy to
listen to you