Planet: Our “little” could be “a lot”


We often stop ourselves because we believe that what we do has no global impact. On the way to achieving a more sustainable environment, and improving the planet that we are going to leave to our children and grandchildren, many times believing that our impact will be very small sometimes stops us, and sometimes serves as excuse.

Desde IAMERS estamos convencidos que los pequeños cambios, son alimentación para el motor de cambio global. Fristly, by the example we are giving. If we are a small company, we will be an example for similar companies, for our clients, for our competition. If we are a big multinational, that small change can be the beginning of many, and also the impact on consumers mya multiply the effect.

We can apply it in our personal life, at home, with our children … or in the department that we are leading, in the company where we are working … We must start as soon as possible with determination. In Iamers we are prepared to support any company or department to bring it to reality.

We will sit down, analyze the current situation and find the best way to achieve the goal. We will adapt ourselves to the time and resources available for each project.

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